Dan Corbin's Author's Video Now Can Be Seen On His Book's Website The Memoir "Kiss of the Art Gods" will be available in May on Amazon and B&N.

Dan Corbin’s new book Kiss of the Art Gods a memoir and personal narrative, journals the artist’s adventurous life; childhood, the U.S. Army, art college, art studios, art galleries, sculpture technique, associations with models, and years of struggle. His book delivers a new take on artist’s lives, contemporary figurative fine art, and a fresh look at the modern art world. An image of a contemporary figurative nude sculpture graces the cover of Dan’s nonfiction artist’s narration, and is also the thumbnail cover for his six-minute author’s YouTube video. Corbin’s rich experimental literary adventure, can also double as a historical tour book and travel guide to these exotic destinations; Hawaii, Spain, Germany, San Francisco and Santa Barbara, California.
“wonderful” … “beautiful” … “heart felt” … “honest”
“This rich memoir is a tribute to the buoyance of the human spirit.”
“The charm of the book is it’s simple but evocative language.”
“A real insight into an artist’s gut feelings and what it takes to get where you’re going.”
“vivid imagination …noble and creepy characters … leveled with humor”
“A fresh look at American culture skillfully delivered by the chisel of a master.”
“A revelation not just for artists but all humanity.”
“Corbin’s power is conjuring life from broken things… he beats it into a new thing … something beautiful.”
“You can almost hear the speaker’s voices and feel you know them.” “The book is an interesting read…and ultimately simply beautiful.”
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